Charli XCX Releases ‘Club classics’ and ‘B2b’ & Announces ‘BRAT’ Release Date

Dive into the Electrifying World of 'Club Classics' and 'B2B' as Charli XCX Sets the Dancefloor Ablaze!

Brace yourselves for a double dose of electrifying beats because Charli XCX just dropped not one, but TWO sensational singles from her highly anticipated album, ‘Brat‘!

First up, we have ‘Club Classics‘ – a rave-inspired anthem that’ll have you hitting the dance floor in no time! With its infectious energy and nods to the legendary SOPHIE, it’s a surefire hit for any party playlist.

On the flip side, we have ‘B2B‘ – a heartfelt ballad showcasing Charli’s softer, more emotive side. With lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, it’s a poignant reminder of the complexities of love and relationships.

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Mark your calendars because ‘Brat’ is set to drop on June 7th, and trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

But that’s not all! Charli XCX is gearing up for an epic lineup of live shows and DJ sets, including the unmissable Partygirl series. Plus, she’s hitting UK arenas with her electrifying performances.

Whether you’re craving pulsating beats or soul-stirring melodies, Charli XCX delivers it all with her latest musical offerings. Don’t just take our word for it, dive into ‘Club Classics’ and ‘B2B’ below and get ready to groove your way into the summer!

🎧 Listen here:

Let’s keep the party going and countdown to the epic release of ‘Brat’ together!

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