Boys Noize and Rico Nasty Unleash Electrifying Collaboration “Arintintin”

Ahead of Joint EP Release

Dynamic duo Boys Noize and Rico Nasty have joined forces to drop an electrifying new single titled “Arintintin“, sending shockwaves through the music scene. The highly anticipated track, which was teased earlier this month, serves as a tantalizing preview of their forthcoming joint EP, HARDCORE DR3AMZ, set to make its grand debut on Friday, March 29th.

Fans were treated to the first live performance of “Arintintin” when Rico Nasty and Boys Noize took the stage together at Silencio Club in Paris back in February. Attendees at their recent Berlin show at Trauma Bar were also lucky enough to get a taste of the infectious energy of this collaboration.

Reflecting on the genesis of their partnership, Rico Nasty shares, “Me and Boys Noize started working back in 2018… We finally met in real life after being mutuals for like a year. We did one session, it was fire. And then a few months later ended up on the Friendship Cruise together, for the first time. After the cruise, we made ‘Money (feat. Flomilli)’ and ‘1+1’ — a song you’ll hear very soon on this project“.

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Continuing on their creative journey, Rico Nasty adds, “Fast forward again, maybe three-four years, and we did a couple more sessions. We kept gravitating towards techno dance music. He started putting me on to German dance music, and we traded a bunch of songs back and forth. Little by little over a few days, we ended up making three more songs that we really loved and decided we wanted to share with the world. Every session was so much fun, and I’m sure that energy is felt across all of these tracks“.

Boys Noize, known for his genre-defying production prowess, has been making waves with his collaborations, including the recent hit “tell me” with Shygirl. Now, teaming up with Rico Nasty, the duo is poised to deliver an EP that promises to push boundaries and ignite dance floors worldwide.

With “Arintintin” serving as just a taste of what’s to come, anticipation is building for the release of HARDCORE DR3AMZ, as fans eagerly await the next sonic adventure from this dynamic pairing. Stay tuned for more electrifying beats and boundary-pushing sounds from Boys Noize and Rico Nasty.

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