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Black Coffee Injured in “Severe Travel Accident”

The producer was on his way to perform at a nightclub in Argentina

South African producer Black Coffee has encountered adversity on his way to a scheduled performance in Argentina, facing a “severe travel accident” that has left him with injuries.

The official statement, released via Black Coffee’s Instagram account, discloses that the incident occurred while he was en route to Mar Del Plata, a coastal city in Argentina, where he was set to showcase his DJ talents at Club De Mar Mute. The unforeseen complications from the accident have resulted in injuries, prompting the need for medical attention.

While assuring fans that Black Coffee is currently under the care of medical professionals and is surrounded by a supportive network of family and team, the statement emphasizes the importance of respecting his privacy during the recovery process. It calls for understanding and patience from both the media and his devoted fanbase.

Despite the challenges posed by the accident, the statement concludes on a positive note, affirming that Black Coffee maintains an optimistic outlook and is on the path to recovery. It expresses his eagerness to return to the stage and reconnect with his audience soon.

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