Björk and Rosalía Join Forces for Conservation Anthem

Icelandic Singers Collaborate to Fight Fish Farming and Protect Nature

Björk and Rosalía will release a song together in October. The Icelandic singer announced it by posting a teaser on social media (see below) in which you can hear the lyrics “Is that the right thing to do? Oh I just don’t know” being sung a cappella.

“I’m offering a song that Rosalía and I have sung together,” writes Björk. “The proceeds will support the fight against fish farming in Iceland. It will be released in October. The people of Seyðisfjörður fjord have taken a stand by protesting against the establishment of a fish farm in that area. The revenue from the sale of the song will contribute to their legal expenses. We hope they can be an example for others.”

Björk notes that Iceland has “the largest unspoiled nature in Europe” and wonders how local and Norwegian entrepreneurs have been able to bring the fish farming business to the fjords “for a decade without any laws stopping them. It has already had devastating effects on wildlife, and farmed fish live in terrible health conditions. Many have escaped and have begun to negatively alter the DNA of Icelandic salmon, which could lead to its extinction.”

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“We still have a chance to save the last wild salmon of the North,” Björk concludes. “We would like to challenge these businessmen and make them withdraw the fish farms. We would also like to help develop and introduce strict laws in the Icelandic legal system to protect nature. Much of the nation is with us: this protest is aimed at turning the will of the people into law.”

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