Beyoncé’s Surprise Symphony: Unveiling ‘My House’ at London’s Cinematic Extravaganza

A Night of Elegance, Powerful Lyrics, and Star-Studded Presence as Beyoncé Takes Center Stage in Celebration of Authenticity

Right after the London premiere of the film-concert Renaissance, the “grand dance party at the cinema to celebrate the right to be oneself,” Beyoncé unexpectedly released a new single.

The song is titled “My House” and is written and produced with The-Dream (Terius Youngdell Nash), who has previously collaborated on “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” and “Run the World (Girls).”

“Get the fuck up out my house,” sings Beyoncé. And in another passage: “I’ll love you forever, but I don’t expect you to love me if you don’t love yourself. Let’s heal the world, one beautiful action at a time, that’s true love.”

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Among others present at the London premiere (there has already been one in Los Angeles) were Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Michelle Williams, Sia,, and the popstar’s daughter Blue Ivy. After the premiere, Beyoncé was seen dressed as… a brooch.

For now, there is no official news regarding the release of a live album from the long-discussed tour, which was thought to be released today.

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