Beyoncé’s Renaissance: A Journey of Freedom and Reinvention – trailer

Exploring the Vision and Purpose Behind Beyoncé's Tour and Documentary

A Glimpse into the Liberating Tour and Intimate Life of Queen Bey

Beyoncé has posted a trailer for the documentary on Renaissance on her social media, produced by Parkwood Entertainment. The graphic in the trailer reads, “A film by Beyoncé,” while the documentary showcases a mix of footage from concerts, backstage moments, and Queen Bey’s private life.

“When I perform, I feel free,” Beyoncé narrates in one of the few audio excerpts featured in the trailer. Speaking about the tour, she says, “The goal of this tour was to create a place where everyone could feel free, where no one is judged.” She adds, “Starting over, creating something new: that’s Renaissance.”

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The announced release date for the documentary in theaters is December 2nd.

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