Becky Hill’s “Believe Me Now?” Delivers Dance-Pop Mastery with Mature Sophistication

The British Sensation's New Album Balances Euphoria and Emotional Depth

British singer and producer Becky Hill has dropped her latest studio album, “Believe Me Now?” on May 31st, marking her first full-length release since 2021’s “Only Honest On The Weekend.” This new record showcases Hill’s growth and maturity as an artist, blending euphoric dance tracks with sophisticated production.

Hill shared her vision for the album, stating, “When I thought about what had come before now, I realized I was missing a couple of things: specifically, the element of euphoria but also, I wanted to create a much more mature, sophisticated level of dance music in this album. It was an incredibly direct and quick album to write because for the first time I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I’m really proud of this album and of what it says and what it stands for.”

The 15-track album features a variety of pop anthems and dancefloor hits, including the chart-topping singles “Disconnect” with Chase & Status, “Never Be Alone” featuring Sonny Fodera, and “Side Effects.” New tracks like the future house-inspired “Multiply” and the rave-centric “Darkest Hour,” co-written by MNEK, add fresh dimensions to the project.

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Hill emphasized her artistic independence in a DJ Mag interview, saying, “I am an artist and I don’t necessarily have to keep chasing the charts to feel like I’m successful. And this album proves it, that’s why it’s called ‘Believe Me Now?’”

Despite some inconsistent production, the album shines in its emotional honesty and Hill’s powerful vocal performances. Tracks like “Lonely Again” and “Swim” delve into themes of love and distance with poetic and passionate songwriting. The final track, “Right Here,” is an uplifting love song that promises to be a favorite at weddings worldwide.

Hill’s evolution from a singles artist to a sophisticated album creator is evident in this release. Though some tracks suffer from overproduction and predictable lyrics, songs like “Side Effects” and “Disconnect” stand out for their lyrical depth and energetic beats. “True Colors” featuring Self Esteem addresses serious themes like sexual assault with empowering lyrics, despite minor production flaws.

Hill’s talent for commanding her vocal range is undeniable, particularly in tracks that allow her voice to guide the production. Collaborations with producers like Sonny Fodera in “Never Be Alone” highlight her strengths, even as other tracks fall short due to excessive engineering.

Becky Hill’s “Believe Me Now?” is a testament to her resilience and growth as an artist. With her upcoming UK arena tour and North American shows, fans can look forward to experiencing her dynamic performances live. Listen to “Believe Me Now?” and witness the continued rise of the Queen of Dance Pop.

Becky Hill – Believe Me Now – Tracklist:

  1. True Colours ft. Self Esteem
  2. Darkest Hour
  3. Outside Of Love
  4. Never Be Alone ft. Sonny Fodera
  5. Multiply
  6. Swim
  7. Man Of My Dreams
  8. Linger
  9. Lonely Again
  10. Side Effects
  11. Back Around
  12. Keep Holding On
  13. One Track Mind ft. RILEASA
  14. Disconnect
  15. Right Here
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