Ariana Grande is about to make a comeback: new single ‘yes, and?’ on January 12th.

After more than three years since the album 'Positions' and following her involvement in the filming of 'Wicked,' Ariana returns to music with what is expected to be the first preview of her new record

Ariana Grande delighted her fans by officially confirming the release of her new single, “yes, and?” scheduled to drop this Friday, January 12. The track is poised to take the lead in Grande’s highly anticipated seventh album, a project that has been teased through creative gestures and cryptic clues.

The pop icon recently stirred up excitement by sending notes and red lipsticks from her r.e.m. collection to lucky fans, providing a sneak peek into the thematic elements of her forthcoming album. Sharp-eyed followers had already caught wind of the potential single title when Grande was spotted wearing a jumper emblazoned with the phrase “yes, and?”.

Adding to the speculation, Grande shared a subtle Instagram post featuring her mother Joan dancing to an unreleased song. Eagle-eyed fans quickly deduced that Joan was mouthing the words “yes, and?” in the video, fueling rumors surrounding the upcoming single.

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Social media erupted with excitement when Joan Grande allegedly liked a tweet on Twitter that hinted at Ariana’s comeback single, “yes, and?”. The online buzz suggests that fans are in for a treat as the pop sensation gears up for a musical comeback with a fresh sound that promises to captivate audiences once again.

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