Unmasking Roger Waters: Allegations of Antisemitism

Exploring Accusations of Antisemitism and Insensitivity from the Pink Floyd Icon

n a new documentary titled ‘The Dark Side of Roger Waters,’ new accusations against the musician emerge from his close collaborators like Ezrin and saxophonist Norbert Stachel, who says, “I was advised not to react to the comments in order not to lose my job.”

For years, Roger Waters has openly claimed not to be antisemitic, but now new statements from some of his close collaborators tell a different story.

Bob Ezrin, the renowned producer of The Wall, and Norbert Stachel, a former saxophonist for Waters, have leveled new accusations against the former Pink Floyd member in a new documentary titled “The Dark Side of Roger Waters,” a 37-minute project produced by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA).

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Within the documentary, Ezrin recalls when Waters created a song about the former Pink Floyd manager Bryan Morrison: “I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but the song said something like ‘Because Morry is a damn Jew.’ That’s when I realized there was antisemitism.” Prompted by the interviewer, Ezrin adds, “Do I believe he considers himself antisemitic? I bet not. I’m sure if you asked him, he would say something like ‘I am anti-nothing; I am in favor of all people.'”

Stachel, on the other hand, shares two different anecdotes. In the first, Waters allegedly lost his temper when he was served a vegetarian meal during a concert in Lebanon, shouting, “Where’s the meat? Where’s meat? What do I do with this? This is Jewish food! Why are you giving me Jewish food? Take this Jewish food away!” In another story, Stachel recalls sharing his Jewish heritage with Waters, discussing his relatives who died during the Holocaust. Upon learning this, Waters allegedly began to caricature Stachel’s deceased grandmother. “He started trying to mimic a babushka in a demeaning way.” After the impersonation, Waters supposedly concluded: “Now you’ve met your grandmother. How do you feel now?” Stachel further claims that a colleague advised him not to react to Waters’ antisemitic comments to avoid losing his job.

The documentary also includes some screenshots of an email Waters sent to his team in 2010, suggesting flying inflatable pigs adorned with the Star of David and swastikas over the audience at his concerts.

“The Dark Side of Roger Waters” documentary was released today and can be viewed at this link.

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