ULTRA Europe 2023: A Decade in Harmony

Embark on Croatia's Musical Odyssey! Experience the Magic in this Captivating Aftermovie Journey

Ultra Music Festival has unveiled a captivating ten-minute video, taking us back to the unforgettable moments of last summer’s spectacular event. In addition, they have announced the highly anticipated Ultra Music Festival for the upcoming year.

The recently released ULTRA Europe 2023 Official Aftermovie marks a significant moment as the festival celebrates its tenth anniversary. The aftermovie not only aims to reminisce with Ultranauts about their favorite moments but also serves as a visual showcase of Croatia’s beauty. This cinematic masterpiece, viewed by over 30 million people in previous films, acts as a remarkable global promotion for Croatia.

Croatia, a fairy-tale European gem by the Adriatic Sea, has become a source of inspiration for people worldwide. Despite its small size, it holds wonders and dreams within every square meter. Nine years ago, the musical journey of the ULTRA Europe festival began in the Croatian city of Split, symbolizing unity and euphoria across the globe.

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This year’s ULTRA Europe Aftermovie offers a unique destination experience, immersing viewers in the rhythm of Croatia. The cinematic journey takes audiences through the country’s most picturesque locations, including the Pelješac Bridge, Adriatic islands, Biokovo Skywalk, sun-kissed coastlines, and the vibrant center of Split. As the sun sets, the festival doors open, transforming the stadium into a magical gathering for thousands of Ultranauts.

The global electronic scene’s stars, including Carl Cox, Boris Brejcha, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, and DJ Snake, grace the largest stage in Croatia. Their music becomes the soundtrack of cherished memories, each beat adding its unique hue. The film explores the hypnotic Resistance stage and embarks on a journey to Croatia’s islands—Brač, Hvar, and Vis—where the festival’s energy merges with the islands’ natural beauty. An explosive finale, marked by fireworks, illuminates not only the sky but also the hearts of those present in the packed stadium. The film concludes like any journey, but the memories of festival nights linger, emphasizing the transformative power of music, love, and unique moments.

The production, led by Final Kid Films and directors Nicky Pajkić and Charly Friedrichson, is a high-tech endeavor. An investment exceeding 300 thousand euros ensures a flawless look, utilizing top-notch RED Digital Cinema cameras in 6K resolution, along with 360 drone shots and FPV Aerials technology. The film’s musical backdrop, featuring carefully selected songs, enhances the festival moments, emphasizing the feeling of “paradise” and freedom. Songs include “You will see” by Quarterhead and SESA, “Paradise” by Sebastian Wibe, “Lost in the Rhythm” by David Guetta and MORTEN, “Food for the Soul” by It’s Murpha, “When the lights go down” by Robert Capuana, “20hz” (Carl Cox Remix), and “All that matters” (Artbat Remix) by Kolsch. The milestone tenth edition of the ULTRA Europe festival is scheduled for July 12 to 14 in Split, followed by the traditional Destination ULTRA journey to Croatian islands—Brač, Hvar, and Vis.

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