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Skepta’s Resurgence: Unveiling ‘Gas Me Up [Diligent]’ and the Anticipation of ‘Knife and Fork

Reclaiming the Rap Throne – Skepta's Latest Track Teases a Comeback, Setting the Stage for an Epic Album Release and Big Smoke Festival

oday, Skepta makes his comeback with the release of his new track ‘Gas Me Up [Diligent],’ produced by Cardo. Fans gave it the nickname ‘Diligent’ following a viral teaser dropped in April 2023.

Reigniting his roots in rap, the song serves as a preview of his highly anticipated album ‘Knife and Fork,’ reaffirming Skepta’s position as the UK’s top rapper.

It will drop alongside a video that begins with Skepta on the rooftop of TraxNYC jeweller in New York, and features Clint 419, with scenes shot across London. The video was co-directed by Skepta and collaborator Stevo1k.

The release follows the announcement of the line-up for Skepta’s Big Smoke Festival which happens in London on July 6th. Skepta will perform, as will Mas Tiempo, with The Streets announced as a headliner. For more information visit: Festival Republic.

‘Gas Me Up [Diligent]’ serves as the credits in Skepta’s debut film, “Tribal Mark,” which premieres on 24th January, followed by a nationwide UK release at Everyman Cinemas on 26th January. “Tribal Mark” explores the narrative of a Nigerian immigrant in London with Skepta starring in and serving as co-director and executive producer of the film. With a 90% minority ethnic cast and production team, the film stands as a landmark project from Skepta’s 1PLUS1 Production company.

Skepta Live:

Fri 12/04/24 Indio, CA Coachella

Fri 19/04/24 Indio, CA Coachella

Thu 06/07/24 London, UK Big Smoke Festival

Tue 11/07/24 Airport Trenčín Pohoda Festival

Thu 12/07/24 Gräfenhainichen, GR Melt Festival

Fri 19/07/24 Dour, Belgium Dour Festival

Fri 09/08/24 Stuttgart, GR Hip Hop Open Festival

Sat 17/08/24 Tampere, Finland Blockfest

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