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Selena Gomez’s Shocking Decision: Last Album Ever? The Truth Revealed

From Music to Movies - Inside Selena's Candid Confession on SmartLess Podcast!

Selena Gomez might release a final album before delving into acting full-time, according to various online posts and articles. While the pop star and actress’s statement is somewhat vague, she had previously expressed frustration with Vogue in 2021, noting that she wasn’t taken seriously as a singer and wanted to make “one last attempt before retiring from music.

Recently, Gomez appeared on SmartLess, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett’s podcast (available on Spotify and Amazon Music). She shared, “I wanted to be an actress; it wasn’t my intention to be a full-time singer, but apparently, this hobby has turned into something else.”

During the podcast, Gomez explained that although she started enjoying making music, “as I get older, I think I should find something more stable.” The demanding rhythms and workload, which she still loves because “it distracts me from negative thoughts,” led her to cancel a tour and focus on her mental health in a clinic.

Beyond discussing her singing abilities, with her acknowledgment that she doesn’t consider herself “the best singer out there, but I know how to tell stories and love creating songs,” Gomez also weighed in on a hypothetical choice between an acting and singing career.

I feel like I still have an album in me,” Gomez said, “but I would probably choose acting.” The SmartLess trio disagreed, suggesting she doesn’t necessarily have to choose between the two careers. “That’s true, but I want to slow down because I’m tired.”

Gomez’s most recent album is “Rare,” released in 2020.

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