Seelo’s Sensational Return: Unveiling ‘Moment’ with Olive B

A Captivating Fusion of Progressive Beats and Ethereal Vocals

Lebanese-born Canadian DJ and producer Seelo returns to Enhanced Recordings with his new emotive but still groovy house gem “Moment,” for which he teamed up with fellow Canada-based singer and songwriter Olive B.

The track is both dancefloor-friendly and haunting in the best way possible, seamlessly fusing Seelo’s signature progressive sound with Olive’s mesmerizing vocals. Opening with a driving, deep beat, Seelo then layers in glimmering melodies with Olive B’s ethereal topline, making for an emotive and complex sonic journey that will resonate with the listener long after the final notes fade.

“Moment” follows his recent release “Autumn” with George Gleeson from late 2023. With such a strong start to 2024, we can’t wait to see what else Seelo has up his sleeve for this year.

“We wanted to make these lyrics as a universal invitation to introspection. ‘Moment’ can be a long emotional journey, a soundtrack for those instances when the weight of a decision, an emotion, or a connection, hang delicately in the balance. I and Olive B. extend a hand to the listeners, an offer to share an experience of navigating the intricacies of human connection. As the song unfolds, it becomes a reminder that every moment holds the potential to be transformative if we are brave enough to reach out.” – Seelo

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