RiTchie Announces Debut Solo Album, Triple Digits Triple Digits [112] and New Song

Listen “Dizzy” (Feat. Aminé)

Transitioning from Injury Reserve to By Storm, RiTchie embarks on a new chapter with his upcoming solo project, Triple Digits [112], set to release this spring. The Arizona rapper, formerly known as Ritchie with a T, has decided to venture into uncharted territory, breaking free from the confines of group expectations and personal barriers.

In a recent Instagram post, RiTchie candidly shared his journey of self-discovery, acknowledging the pressure to meet the standards set by his previous collaborations. However, with Triple Digits [112], he aims to shatter these constraints and deliver a diverse blend of experimental sounds and infectious beats, showcasing his true essence.

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Building on the momentum of his debut single, “RiTchie Valens,” RiTchie continues to tease fans with the release of “Dizzy,” featuring Aminé. This latest offering exemplifies RiTchie’s evolution, as he seamlessly navigates between introspective lyricism and crowd-pleasing melodies.

Accompanied by a captivating music video shot from a unique perspective, “Dizzy” offers viewers a glimpse into RiTchie’s creative vision and artistic versatility. With each track, RiTchie invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-expression and sonic exploration, setting the stage for what promises to be a groundbreaking debut album.

As anticipation mounts for Triple Digits [112], RiTchie’s solo venture represents not only a musical evolution but also a testament to the power of individuality and authenticity in the ever-changing landscape of hip-hop.

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