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Purple Reign: Prince’s Iconic ‘Purple Rain’ Set to Make Theatrical Debut!

A Majestic Stage Journey with Prince's Legacy: First-Ever Musical Adaptation Takes Shape

Prepare for a musical spectacle like never before as the legendary Purple Rain by Prince is set to grace the stage in its first-ever theatrical adaptation.

Bringing to life the magic of Albert Magnoli and William Blinn’s 1984 cinematic masterpiece, infused with the soulful music and lyrics of Prince, this groundbreaking musical will be directed by Tony nominee Lileana Blain-Cruz. Known for her recent success with Lincoln Center’s revival of The Skin of Our Teeth, Blain-Cruz is poised to create a mesmerizing theatrical experience.

Adding to the brilliance is Pulitzer finalist Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, the creative mind behind the Broadway hit Appropriate, who will craft an accompanying book to enhance the narrative. The fusion of Jacobs-Jenkins’ storytelling prowess with Prince’s timeless melodies promises an unforgettable journey through music and theater.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of more production details and the timeline in the upcoming months. The producers, in collaboration with “Broadway partners,” are working diligently to ensure this extraordinary musical extravaganza takes center stage. The anticipation builds as we await further revelations about this unique production that pays tribute to the unparalleled legacy of the Purple One.

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