Purple Disco Machine and ÁSDÍS Unveil Electrifying Collaboration: ‘Beat Of Your Heart’

A Fusion of Disco Mastery and Enchanting Vocals Promises a Danceable Delight for Music Enthusiasts Worldwide

Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer Purple Disco Machine has just unveiled his latest single, “Beat Of Your Heart,” in collaboration with Icelandic artist ÁSDÍS.

This new track seamlessly blends Purple Disco Machine’s iconic disco-infused sound with ÁSDÍS’s magnetic vocals. The high-energy composition is filled with danceable grooves, prominent synths, and catchy melodies that are sure to captivate a global audience. Fans of Purple Disco Machine’s internationally acclaimed disco style can expect a pulsating and distinctive musical experience with this collaboration.

The accompanying music video, directed by NDVD, is a visual masterpiece that brings the joy of the dancefloor to life. It weaves together themes of love, freedom, and fantasy into a mesmerizing spectacle. The combination of Purple Disco Machine’s musical expertise and ÁSDÍS’s enchanting vocals promises a memorable and visually stunning experience for music enthusiasts.

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Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Purple Disco Machine shared, “I was sent the vocals by ÁSDÍS, and I immediately fell in love with her voice. I wanted to release the track as a single, and we later re-recorded it together in my studio in Dresden, which was really great.

Music lovers get ready for a musical journey that promises to be both unforgettable and perfect for the dancefloor.

“Beat Of Your Heart” :

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