Mahmut Orhan Releases New Single ‘Nighter’: A Sonic Voyage

Exploring Dynamic Dance Textures from the Highly-Anticipated Album, Pangea

Renowned Turkish DJ and producer, Mahmut Orhan, unveils another electrifying glimpse into his highly-anticipated debut album, Pangea, with his latest single ‘Nighter,’ now available via Ultra Records.

Teaming up with the dynamic vocalist Tuana Yilmaz, Orhan delves into a captivating blend of dance music elements, ranging from pulsating basslines to futuristic synths, creating a sonic journey that resonates with raw energy and emotion.

While staying true to his indie dance origins, ‘Nighter’ showcases Orhan’s evolution as an artist, primed for the colossal stages that await him in 2024. Dive into the immersive soundscape of ‘Nighter’ and experience Mahmut Orhan’s musical prowess here.

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With a diverse palette of sounds at his command, Mahmut Orhan’s music transcends borders, captivating audiences across the globe. From the vibrant landscapes of the Americas to the pulsating heart of Central Europe and beyond, his magnetic performances have enraptured fans from Canada to Argentina and Saudi Arabia. As the festival season approaches, Orhan is set to make his mark on some of the world’s most renowned stages, including the illustrious Coachella festival in the United States. Marking a significant milestone in his career, Orhan’s debut album, Pangea, slated for release on March 22, promises to further elevate his mission of uniting cultures through the universal language of music.

Heralded as one of Turkey’s foremost exports in dance music, Mahmut Orhan first gained international acclaim in 2016 with the release of ‘Feel,’ a mesmerizing fusion of indie dance adorned with Balkan melodies and infectious vocals by Sena Sener. Catching the attention of Ultra Records, Orhan was swiftly signed, embarking on a journey marked by a series of enchanting singles that epitomized his unique, worldly sound. Recognized as GQ Turkey’s DJ of the Year in 2018, Orhan’s influence continues to soar, amassing over 2 billion views on YouTube and surpassing 500 million streams on DSPs. With the recent surge of #mahmutorhan on TikTok garnering over 400 million views, Mahmut Orhan’s global presence continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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