Lykke Li Delivers Haunting Rendition of “Ring of Fire” for Netflix Film “Damsel”

Experience the Raw Passion and Haunting Beauty of Lykke Li's Cover in the Spellbinding End Credits Sequence!

Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li unveils her mesmerizing cover of Johnny Cash‘s iconic “Ring of Fire,” exclusively for the upcoming Netflix film “Damsel.” Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the movie is set to premiere on March 8, with Lykke Li’s rendition featured during the end credits.

Reflecting on her approach to the cover, Lykke Li admits, “To be honest, the only version I’ve ever heard in my whole life is the Johnny Cash version, so I had no real history.” Despite this, she effortlessly channels her own interpretation, capturing the haunting essence of the song in a single take, accompanied by producer Andrew Sarlo.

The decision to record the cover came amidst a transformative period for Lykke Li, following the birth of her second child. “I was in the baby phase, I wasn’t really doing anything,” she reveals. Yet, the raw energy and emotion of her performance reflect her commitment to maintaining authenticity and tension in her music.

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Delving deeper into the song’s origins, Lykke Li finds inspiration in the story behind its creation by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore. “There’s this haunting quality that it is to fall in love. It really is like stepping into a ring of fire,” she explains. Through her rendition, she pays homage to June Carter’s emotional journey, infusing the timeless classic with her own soulful interpretation.

Experience Lykke Li’s captivating take on “Ring of Fire” as she invites listeners to immerse themselves in its evocative melody and profound lyricism

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