Lil Nas X Drops “Light Again” Despite Label’s Concerns

A Playful Yet Bold Move

In a bold move, Lil Nas X surprised fans on Friday with the unexpected release of his latest track, “Light Again,” on SoundCloud. The fun-filled song, produced by Take A Daytrip, showcases Lil Nas X’s signature blend of rap and singing, set against an infectious house beat.

Taking to TikTok to share the news, Lil Nas X joked about the potential repercussions from his label, Columbia, for releasing the song without their permission. “Ngl might get in trouble for releasing this song without [my] label’s permission but anyway,” he wrote, followed by a playful apology to Columbia.

The track itself is a testament to Lil Nas X’s versatility as an artist, with witty lyrics and catchy hooks that are sure to get fans dancing. In one standout verse, he confidently boasts, “I’m way too toned, let me tone down/My dick too big, so I’m cocky, hit him from the back while I’m twiddlin’ with my phone out/Got an M&M deal but I’m Hershey/6’2″ dark skin n— with a purpose.”

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“Light Again” has been eagerly anticipated by fans since Lil Nas X first teased it earlier this year, with the artist even sharing a video of himself voguing to the track’s outro back in February. Despite its unofficial release, the song marks the beginning of a new chapter for Lil Nas X, following the success of his debut album, Montero, in 2022.

Coincidentally dropping on Good Friday, “Light Again” arrives hot on the heels of Lil Nas X’s controversial single, “J. Christ,” which sparked conversation with its provocative cover art featuring the artist nailed to a cross. With its infectious energy and undeniable charm, “Light Again” is poised to become another hit in Lil Nas X’s ever-growing catalog, proving once again why he remains one of the most exciting voices in music today.

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