Kungs, David Guetta, Izzy Bizu “All Night Long”

The superstar trio combine for a true 2024 banger!

The French phenomenon producer, Kungs, is joining forces with megastar David Guetta and British singer Izzy Bizu, marking a collaboration that promises to transcend musical boundaries. Their latest dance anthem, “All Night Long,” is the culmination of this powerhouse trio’s creative synergy.

Following the massive success of previous superhits like “This Girl,” “Never Going Home,” and “Substitution,” Kungs is poised to deliver a fresh radio addiction with their newest release.

The track not only showcases the individual talents of these renowned artists but also represents a collective effort to create a musical experience that transcends expectations. With a blend of infectious beats, soulful vocals, and a pulsating rhythm, “All Night Long” is set to become the next chart-topping sensation, solidifying Kungs’ position as a trailblazer in the global music scene. Get ready for a sonic journey that will keep you hooked “All Night Long.”

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