Justin Timberlake Unveils Emotional Ballad ‘Drown’ as Second Single

Pop Sensation Shares Health Update and Excitement for New Music Release

Justin Timberlake unveils the second single from his upcoming album, titled “Drown“!

Just a month after the release of “Selfish,” Justin Timberlake is back with the second single from his upcoming album.

On Tuesday, the pop star announced that a second song from his forthcoming album, “Everything I Thought It Was,” is set to be released this Friday. He presented the new melody, titled “Drown,” and revealed the release date by posting a video on Instagram featuring a snippet of the song.

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In the clip, the hitmaker gave a preview of what appears to be an emotional ballad, playing several acoustic lyrics while sitting at a piano.

The singer of “Mirrors” announced the release date in the caption and provided his fans with a health update, as he had shared earlier this month on Instagram that he had the flu. “I made it to London, still recovering from this flu. But pushing through,” wrote the former *NSYNC member. “So excited about the new music and everything coming this week.”

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