Elevate: R3HAB’s Sky-High Collaboration with VIZE and JP Cooper

Embark on a Musical Journey with 'Jet Plane' - R3HAB's First Release of 2024, Filled with Nostalgia, Tranquility, and Soulful Vocals

R3HAB reunites with VIZE and JP Cooper on their new track “Jet Plane.” With minimal basslines and mesmerizing melodies coupled with Cooper’s soulful vocal performance, “Jet Plane” is the perfect record to look back at 2023 with positive contemplation and launch 2024.

“Jet Plane” follows R3HAB and VIZE’s collaboration “One Last Time” from 2022 and his 2021 hit “Runaway” with JP Cooper and Sigala. Press play on “Jet Plane” and pretend you’re taking off to your dream winter escape.

This is R3HAB’s first release in 2024, following a highly successful 2023, which saw the Dutch/Moroccan artist collaborating with the likes of Tiësto on “Run Free (Countdown),” INNA on “Rock My Body,” Michael Schulte on “Waterfall,” AFROJACK on “Shockwave,” and more, which contributed to over 1 billion annual streams in 2023.

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“VIZE and I loved working on “One Last Time” and have been sharing ideas for a follow-up ever since. We’re happy to have landed with “Jet Plane,” and it’s always a great time working with JP Cooper and his amazing vocals. “Jet Plane” is a minimal dance track with a hint of nostalgia that captures both the resolve to get one more chance, and the tranquility of watching clouds from the window seat of a long flight [a very common view in my tour life (laughs)]. We love how it turned out and can’t wait to hear it soundtrack your new year!” – R3HAB

“I’m happy that we found the opportunity again to work on a song. Last time it worked out really well and was a lot of fun. It’s about time to release the next collab with R3HAB. And having nobody less than JP Cooper on the vocals is an honor.” – VIZE

“I’m so happy to be putting out another record with R3HAB, this time a collab with VIZE, just in time to launch the new year. We had a lot of fun making this record. I hope it helps soundtrack some amazing memories for ya.” – JP Cooper

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