Duran Duran: The Model on the Cover of ‘Rio’ Identified After 42 Years

Who Would Have Thought? Marcie Hunt’s Reaction to Learning She Inspired the "Rio" Cover

Marcie Hunt was shocked to discover that her image was the inspiration for the cover of Duran Duran’s 1982 album Rio. She expressed her surprise on social media, stating, “I had no idea that a photo of mine was used for the Rio cover.” The revelation was made by the band themselves, who thanked the fan who identified Marcie’s face in a February 1981 issue of Vogue Paris. Surprisingly, even the band was unaware of the identity behind the illustration created by Patrick Nagel, a fact confirmed by Barry Hahn, Nagel’s longtime assistant.

Marcie Hunt’s Journey to Discovery

Marcie Hunt shared her astonishment and love for Duran Duran on social media: “I am stunned to find out after 42 years that I am the face on the Rio cover. I love Duran Duran. When I got married 31 years ago, the DJ played ‘Rio’. I am fascinated by the music and the tours Duran Duran have created and continue to create.” She also thanked the late illustrator Patrick Nagel and Barry Hahn, who confirmed that her smile inspired the iconic cover.

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The Original Photo and Its Transformation

The original photo, featured in an editorial by Angelo Tarlazzi, showcases Marcie Hunt. The illustration remains true to the original image, with Marcie’s glasses removed and her outfit changed, but her smile and gaze remain unchanged. As noted by the profile that identified the original photo, “That smile is an iconic piece of Duran Duran history.”

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