Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red Celebrate Life’s Greatest Gift in “Rich Baby Daddy” Music Video

Capturing Life's Joys with Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red

Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red celebrate the miracle of life in their latest music video for the chart-topping collaboration, “Rich Baby Daddy.”

Directed by Drake himself, the visual masterpiece seamlessly blends modern-day camera work with nostalgic camcorder footage, giving viewers an intimate glimpse into the journey of impending parenthood. Amidst lingering Christmas decorations, the trio joyously gathers for what appears to be an impromptu baby shower in honor of Sexyy Red.

However, the festivities take an unexpected turn when Sexyy Red’s water breaks, prompting a swift transition from celebration to the rush of emergency. Drake’s dedication to capturing every moment leads to some comedic tension as Sexyy Red and SZA hilariously urge him to put the camera down amidst the chaos of impending labor.

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Undeterred, the trio documents the whirlwind trip to the hospital, where Sexyy Red bravely brings her newborn into the world. The video culminates in a heartwarming celebration of love and new life, with the trio sharing in the joy of welcoming the newest member of their family.

Experience the touching journey of Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red in the emotional rollercoaster that is “Rich Baby Daddy.” Watch the music video above and join in the celebration of life’s most precious moments.

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