Chicago House Music Mourns the Loss of William Stover

Iconic Producer Behind 'I'll Never Let You Go' Passes Away at 59

The Chicago house music community is mourning the loss of William Stover, the legendary producer behind the classic track ‘I’ll Never Let You Go.’ Stover, also known by his pseudonym William S, passed away on Saturday, July 6, following a prolonged battle with health issues and multiple surgeries. The news was confirmed by fellow producer Chip E. via a heartfelt Facebook post on Monday, July 8.

Stover’s impact on the house music scene is immeasurable. He rose to prominence with the release of ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ on Trax Records in 1987. He also collaborated extensively with Lidell Townsell, producing under aliases such as Two Of A Kind, and released tracks on labels like West Madison Street Records and Housetime Records.

Reflecting on Stover’s contributions, Chip E. shared that he was introduced to Stover by Trax alum Carl Bias in 1985. “From that very first meeting, Lidell and Chubby became my left and right hands regarding live performances as well as music production,” he recounted. Chip E. also emphasized Stover’s profound influence on the community, stating, “He will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and fans.”

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DJ, producer, and JAM98 Music director Hugo Hutchinson echoed these sentiments, acknowledging Stover’s extensive behind-the-scenes contributions to numerous projects. “People have no idea how much music he was behind. Hell, it was his equipment we were using. Truly one of the nicest people you’d ever meet,” Hutchinson commented.

In addition to his solo work, Stover’s collaborative efforts with artists like Adonis, under the project name The Sweat Boyz, and Chilly T, with tracks like ‘Work The Wax,’ further cemented his legacy in the house music genre. His influence endured into recent years, with UK DJ and producer Sam Girling releasing a rework of ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ in 2022 on Nothing Else Matters.

As the community reflects on Stover’s legacy, his contributions to house music continue to resonate, ensuring his influence will not be forgotten. Listen to ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ below and remember the man who helped shape the sound of Chicago house.


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