Bon Jovi Announces New Album “Forever” and Releases Single “Legendary”

A Return to Joy with the Single "Legendary"

Legendary band, the iconic Bon Jovi, is making waves with their new single titled “Legendary“, while also announcing their upcoming album titled “Forever“, set to release on June 7.

“From the writing, through the recording process, this is turn up the volume, feel good Bon Jovi,” said Jon Bon Jovi.

The single “Legendary” showcases the wonderful energy and character that have defined Bon Jovi’s music. With a sound that breathes from their past yet offers a fresh aura, “Legendary” promises to become a favorite among their fans.

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Jon Bon Jovi stated: “This record is a return to joy.”

The new album “Forever” promises to be a journey through the sound and emotional conquest established in the name of Bon Jovi. With their remarkable discography and recognizable sound, Bon Jovi continues to lead the global music scene.

The announcement of the new album and single has already sparked anticipation among fans worldwide, with expectations for yet another great success high.

With “Legendary” serving as a dynamic introduction to the world of “Forever”, Bon Jovi seems to be making a powerful comeback, maintaining their title as one of the most beloved and influential bands in the contemporary music industry.

BON JOVI: FOREVER – track listing

1. Legendary
2. We Made It Look Easy
3. Living Proof
4. Waves
5. Seeds
6. Kiss The Bride
7. The People’s House
8. Walls Of Jericho
9. I Wrote You A Song
10. Living In Paradise
11. My First Guitar
12. Hollow Man

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