Bklava Unveils New Anthem “Free” from Upcoming Mixtape ‘c u l8r’

Unveiling the Third Track from the Upcoming Mixtape 'c u l8r'

DJ and producer Bklava has once again graced the music scene with a captivating new release titled “Free”. This latest offering, centered around infectious breaks and a mesmerizing lead piano riff, serves as the third track to be unveiled from their much-anticipated mixtape, c u l8r.

Scheduled for release on June 7th via Bklava’s own Spin Suga imprint, c u l8r promises to be a sonic journey spanning 14 tracks, each showcasing Bklava’s signature style and creative ingenuity.

In “Free”, Bklava collaborates with Sam (TCTS) to craft a mesmerizing blend of garage house and piano breaks, reminiscent of the golden era of deep house from 2010 to 2015. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Bklava shares, “When Sam and I first wrote ‘Free’, we connected over our inspirations; from garage house to piano breaks and especially our mutual love for the 2010-2015 era of deep house we went out raving to.”

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With “Free”, Bklava aims to capture the essence of empowerment and resilience. “I wanted to capture all those elements and make it my own,” Bklava explains. “When I wrote this song, I was experiencing a lot of highs, I felt invincible. I genuinely felt like life could throw me a curveball and whatever it was, I could come back stronger. I knew I had already overcome some battles and felt more headstrong than ever so this was my way of expressing that power and independence through the lyrics which lead to the big euphoric chorus.”

As anticipation builds for the release of c u l8r, “Free” stands as a testament to Bklava’s ability to craft infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide. With its euphoric chorus and empowering message, “Free” is sure to captivate listeners and solidify Bklava’s position as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

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