Armin van Buuren Unveils Ninth Studio Album: Breathe In

Embark on a Positive Journey as Armin Explores the Power of Music to Unite and Reconnect on the Dance Floor

Renowned DJ and producer Armin van Buuren is set to release his highly anticipated ninth studio album, titled “Breathe In.” This announcement follows a successful year, marked by the launch of his Feel Again album.

Crafted over two-plus years in the aftermath of the pandemic, “Breathe In” draws inspiration from the joy of returning to dance floors. Building on the narrative initiated by “Feel Again,” which explored Armin’s personal journey of reconnection with music, “Breathe In” shifts its focus to the profound connection he shares with his fans.

Embracing a more positive sound and a higher BPM, “Breathe In” aims to showcase the unifying power of music. Encouraging listeners to celebrate life, find the light in others, and reconnect on dance floors, the album is a testament to the uplifting potential of music. Scheduled for release on Armada Music on January 12, 2024, you can pre-save it by clicking here. Stay tuned for updates on this musical journey!

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