Amy Winehouse’s Unseen Journey: ‘In My Bed’ Lyric Video Reveals 2004 Footage

Step Back in Time with Exclusive Outtakes from the Original Video Shoot


A fresh lyric video for Amy Winehouse‘s ‘In My Bed,’ a track from her 2003 debut album ‘Frank,’ has been released, featuring previously unseen footage from its 2004 video shoot.

Uploaded to Winehouse’s official YouTube page on January 23, the video is composed of outtakes from the original filming directed by Paul Gore in 2004. In this lyric video for ‘In My Bed,’ viewers witness a 20-year-old Winehouse casually navigating a hotel lobby with a guitar case, occasionally blending into a backing band of musicians in a ballroom. It’s worth noting that, since this footage predates her ‘Back To Black’ era, Winehouse is not adorned with her signature beehive hairdo.

Watch the first official teaser for Amy Winehouse biopic ‘Back To Black’

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Take a look at the lyric video for ‘In My Bed’ below.

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