YG Entertainment Updates BLACKPINK Contract Talks

BLACKPINK's Future Hangs in the Balance: YG Entertainment Provides Insight Amid Contract Renewal Talks

South Korean entertainment giant YG Entertainment has given a brief update on the ongoing contract negotiations with BLACKPINK, stating that discussions are still in progress. The company mentioned that details of the outcome will be disclosed in a report on major management issues, with no specified release date.

Negotiations over BLACKPINK’s contract renewal began in July, raising public interest, especially concerning Lisa’s potential non-renewal. While details remain undisclosed, reports indicated smooth negotiations for the other three members—Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé.

The uncertainty surrounding BLACKPINK’s future impacted YG Entertainment’s stocks, experiencing a over six percent decline on the day of the initial statement in July.

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In related news, YG Entertainment confirmed that trainee Ahyeon won’t be part of the final lineup for BABYMONSTER, citing “health reasons.” It’s unclear if Ahyeon may join later or if BABYMONSTER will debut as a six-member group.

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