Usher explained why Justin Bieber didn’t sing with him at the Super Bowl

Here's the reason why.

Justin Bieber was supposed to be a guest at the big club set up by Usher for his halftime performance at the Super Bowl. The news was revealed by the R&B singer himself during an episode of The Breakfast Club, clarifying a rumor that had started circulating in recent days.

We couldn’t work it out with Justin,” he recounted. “He’s like a brother to me, but I think right now he wants to tell a different story. And I understand that.” Furthermore, he added, “We had a brief conversation. We’ll definitely do something together in the future. I’m not upset about it: there’s a lot of pressure to handle for the Super Bowl.”

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This sentiment was echoed by Lil Jon, who performed alongside Usher during the Las Vegas show: “There are a lot of rehearsals, a lot of responsibilities, and a ton of eyes on you. I’m not sure he was ready for all that.” He also added, “But they’re good friends, and I’m sure Justin was rooting for him.”

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