St. Vincent Releases Single ‘Broken Man’ with Dave Grohl on Drums

The musician has also announced her seventh solo album, 'All Born Screaming', entirely self-produced by her and set to release on April 26th.

Three years after Daddy’s Home, St. Vincent has returned with a new single – Broken Man – which previews her seventh solo album, All Born Screaming.

Broken Man, accompanied by a music video directed by Alex Da Corte (who had previously collaborated with us on the video for New York), is described by the musician as “a mountain that keeps climbing.” What makes the song unique is that it was formed using three different drum tracks: the first programmed by St. Vincent herself, the second played by Mark Guiliana, and the third, unexpectedly, by Dave Grohl.

All Born Screaming will be released on April 26th and will be the first album entirely self-produced by St. Vincent. Regarding this, Anna Clarke, the musician’s real name, stated: “There are some places within us that we can only reach by walking through the woods alone, to discover what our heart has to say.” In terms of themes, during an interview with NME, St. Vincent asserted: “It’s a black album, it’s a white album, it’s an album of all the colors of fire because it speaks about life and death. Life and death are binary concepts: you’re either alive or you’re dead. This album speaks about what it means to be alive and to accept agony and ecstasy.

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