Sempre/Jamais: The Groundbreaking Collaboration of Mahmood with Angèle

When Music Meets Linguistic Diversity

The success of Tuta Gold is far from over, but Mahmood has already released a new video. The track is “Sempre/Jamais” featuring the Belgian singer Angèle, a song included in the album “Nei letti degli altri”.

It was very instinctive, very fluid. We started with the melody of the chorus, a synth riff. Angèle contributed with part of the lyrics in French,” explained the producer of the single, Dardust, in 20 minutes.

According to the latter, the song was born two years ago during a work meeting with Mahmood: “We wrote the text together.” Then, Angèle and the singer of “Soldi” recorded it in Paris. “I like Angèle’s work for the electro-pop coming from the 1980s combined with more Latin influences. She wrote incredible songs. She is a multifaceted artist, I really like that,” he emphasized.

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In the video, the two meet at a luxury hotel and then flee in a sports car until the police catch them.

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