Rockstar Games Unveils Epic GTA Anthems on Exclusive Spotify Playlist

Grand Theft Auto Radio Takes Fans on a Musical Ride Ahead of GTA 6 Trailer

Rockstar Games celebrates the Grand Theft Auto franchise in anticipation of the GTA 6 reveal by sharing an exclusive playlist on Spotify. Grand Theft Auto Radio, as revealed on Rockstar Games’ official X/Twitter account, is a handpicked collection of classic tracks and “hidden gems” that have left their mark across all stations in the Grand Theft Auto series. The playlist is ingeniously tailored to match fans’ Spotify listening preferences.

The Grand Theft Auto Radio on Spotify, according to the Rockstar Games website, serves as a comprehensive showcase, spanning from the new wave vibes of Vice City’s Flash FM to the iconic hip-hop classics of GTAIV’s The Beat 102.7. It even extends to the latest updates from GTA Online and beyond, all neatly consolidated in one convenient place.

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Diverse in its musical offerings, the playlist boasts an array of artists and genres. From the timeless sounds of Toto and Creedence Clearwater Revival to contemporary hits by Gorillaz, Travis Scott, and Saweetie, the playlist promises a musical journey through the expansive landscape of Grand Theft Auto.

Recent confirmation from Rockstar Games indicates that the eagerly awaited GTA 6 will unveil its first trailer in early December. Founder Sam Houser expressed gratitude to the dedicated player community that has fueled the success of Rockstar Games over the past 25 years. Houser’s message assured fans that the upcoming trailer will be a testament to the continued passion for creating immersive gaming experiences, promising many more years of shared adventures.

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