Record Store Day 2024: Dive into the Complete Lineup of Releases

Saturday, April 20

Record Store Day enthusiasts, mark your calendars! This year’s much-anticipated event is set to take place on April 20, offering music lovers around the globe the opportunity to indulge in exclusive releases and celebrate the enduring allure of vinyl.

The organization has unveiled the full lineup of Record Store Day exclusive releases for 2024, promising a treasure trove of musical gems for collectors and aficionados alike. Among the standout offerings is Talking Heads’ “Live At WCOZ 77,” finally available in its entirety for the first time. Blur’s iconic album “Parklife” receives a lavish 30th-anniversary picture disc treatment, while Gorillaz fans can rejoice with a deluxe vinyl edition of “Cracker Island,” featuring six previously unreleased tracks.

Neil Young aficionados can look forward to the eagerly anticipated release of “FU##KIN’ UP,” capturing the raw energy of Young’s performances with Crazy Horse. Meanwhile, collectors will delight in the first-ever vinyl pressing of Chino Moreno’s side project, Team Sleep’s 2005 debut album.

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The offerings extend beyond albums to encompass soundtracks and special editions. Film buffs can relive the cinematic magic with a deluxe double LP edition of the “Lost In Translation” soundtrack, complete with karaoke tracks for an immersive experience.

The diversity of offerings is a testament to the enduring appeal of vinyl and the vibrant community of independent record stores. From iconic classics to hidden gems, Record Store Day 2024 promises something for every musical palate.

This year’s event marks the 17th edition of Record Store Day, a testament to its enduring popularity and significance in an era dominated by streaming services. Despite the convenience of digital platforms, vinyl sales continue to soar, with a nearly 15 percent increase reported in the first nine months of 2023 alone.

Record Store Day serves as a celebration of music in its purest form, fostering a sense of camaraderie among music enthusiasts and supporting independent record stores worldwide. It’s a day to immerse oneself in the tactile experience of flipping through vinyl records, discovering hidden treasures, and connecting with fellow music lovers.

As the countdown to Record Store Day 2024 begins, anticipation mounts for the opportunity to snag exclusive releases, revel in the nostalgia of vinyl, and celebrate the timeless allure of music in its physical form. So mark your calendars, support your local record store, and join in the global celebration of Record Store Day 2024!

Check out the full list here.

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