Paramore Releases Sequel Video for “Thick Skull”

Hayley Williams Leads the Way in the Band's Latest Visual Tale Directed by Brendan Yates

Paramore fans, rejoice! The band has just dropped a brand new music video for their track “Thick Skull,” which serves as a sequel to their previously released video for “This Is Why.” Directed once again by Turnstile’s Brendan Yates, this latest visual narrative takes viewers on an ill-fated van ride, with lead singer Hayley Williams captivating audiences from the backseat.

Following the storyline set in motion by their initial “This Is Why” video, Paramore’s latest release offers a deeper dive into the narrative, adding layers of intrigue and emotion to the band’s already captivating storytelling.

In addition to their recent creative endeavors, Paramore celebrated their first Grammy wins last month. The band clinched the prestigious Best Rock Album award for “This Is Why” and snagged the Best Alternative Music Performance title for the track itself. However, their triumph was marked by an act of solidarity when they rejected a resolution honoring their wins in Tennessee. This decision, made in solidarity with fellow awardee Allison Russell, underscores Paramore’s commitment not only to their music but also to the values they hold dear.

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Stay tuned for more updates from Paramore as they continue to captivate audiences with their music and meaningful actions. Check out the new “Thick Skull” video to experience the latest chapter in the band’s musical journey!

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