Normani’s Debut Album “Dopamine” Delivers a Confident and Genre-Spanning Sound

Featuring Collaborations with Cardi B, Gunna, and James Blake, "Dopamine" Showcases Normani's Versatility and Personal Growth

Normani’s long-awaited debut album, “Dopamine,” has finally arrived, marking a significant milestone in her solo career post-Fifth Harmony. Announced back in February with a striking teaser of the singer covered in silver paint, “Dopamine” lives up to its name by presenting a vibrant and joyous narrative that explores themes of sexuality, femininity, and personal evolution.

The album kicks off with the lead single “Big Boy” featuring Starrah, where Normani confidently reflects on her journey thus far. The project features a mix of genres, demonstrating Normani’s versatility. Tracks like “Still” pay homage to her Houston roots, incorporating a sample from Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin’,” while “Take My Time” delivers an upbeat dance-pop vibe. On the other hand, “Insomnia” is an emotional ballad addressing heartache and grief following a breakup.

“Dopamine” includes notable collaborations with Cardi B on the sultry “Wild Side,” Gunna on “1:59,” and James Blake on the haunting “Tantrums.” The album showcases Normani’s ability to seamlessly transition across different musical styles, from glistening sex jams like “All Yours” and “Lights On” to atmospheric R&B tracks such as “Insomnia” and “Distance.”

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Despite a few delays and a long production period, partly due to personal challenges and a quest for genuine musical expression, Normani’s debut effort is nothing short of impressive. Notably absent from the album is her 2019 hit single “Motivation,” which she deemed too “easy,” choosing instead to present new, more personal material.

Working with top producers like Tommy Brown and Stargate, Normani has crafted an album that is sleek and polished. Highlights include the Janet Jackson-esque “Take My Time” and the confident duet with James Blake on “Tantrums,” where she delivers some of the album’s most memorable lyrics.

After years of anticipation and speculation, “Dopamine” has been released on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. This debut album encapsulates the essence of Normani’s artistry, making it clear that “Dopamine” is the album she was always meant to make.


01. ‘Big Boy’
02. ‘Still’
03. ‘All Yours’
04. ‘Lights On’
05. ‘Take My Time’
06. ‘Insomnia’
07. ‘Candy Paint’
08. ‘Grip’
09. ‘1:59’ featuring Gunna
10. ‘Distance’
11. ‘Tantrums’ featuring James Blake
12. ‘Little Secrets’
13. ‘Wild Side’ featuring Cardi B

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