Morrissey: “They Want to Erase Me from the Band’s History”

In a recent blog post titled 'Cancel Culture Begins at Home,' the former frontman of The Smiths takes aim at those attempting to exclude him from the band's narrative, stating, "I will fight until my last breath."

Morrissey is back in the spotlight, this time expressing his concerns on his blog, Morrissey Central. In a recent post titled “Cancel Culture Begins at Home,” he claims there is a “clear attempt by the media to erase him from being the central essence of the Smiths.”

Morrissey goes on to address news sites that he believes are sidelining him in the band’s history, stating, “Several sites now claim that the initial meeting at Rough Trade Records was with ‘Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke,’ even though Andy was not even a committed member of the band at that time.” He further adds, “The meeting, of course, was with Morrissey and Marr. Even Geoff Travis has suddenly decided that he ‘can’t remember who was with Johnny,’ even though he looked me straight in the eyes that day and said ‘we would love to release Hand In Glove immediately’ and, more importantly, told me his name was Geoff with a G, not Jeff with a J.”

Morrissey believes that someone is trying to erase him from the narrative, and this is not the first time the former frontman has made such statements. He concludes by stating, “I will fight until my last breath to have my role recognized.”

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