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Macklemore Published Pro-Palestine Protest New Song ‘Hind’s Hall’

In 'Hind's Hall', whose proceeds go to the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees, the Seattle rapper takes the side of the students of Columbia University and connects to the trend of conscious rap: "F**k the police"

Macklemore has just dropped a powerful new track, “Hind’s Hall,” shedding light on the Palestinian cause. The song is named after the Columbia University building recently occupied by student protestors, renamed in honor of Hind Rajab, a young Palestinian girl tragically killed in the conflict. Sampling Lebanese singer Fairuz’s “Ana La Habibi,” the song accompanies a poignant video featuring Macklemore’s hard-hitting lyrics and clips of the protests, politicians, and the war in Gaza.

Though “Hind’s Hall” isn’t yet available on streaming platforms, Macklemore has pledged to donate all proceeds once it’s formally released to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

In the track, Macklemore doesn’t hold back, calling out American politicians like President Joe Biden and criticizing the music industry’s silence on such critical issues. He raps, “Never be defeated when freedom’s on the horizon / Yet the music industry’s quiet / Complicit in their platform of silence,” and boldly declares, “I want a cease-fire / Forget a response from Drake.”

Macklemore’s message resonates loud and clear, urging action and solidarity in the face of injustice. Stay tuned for the release of “Hind’s Hall” and join the movement for change.

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