Lana Del Rey Adds Her Vintage Charm to “Blue Skies” for The New Look Soundtrack


Step into the nostalgic realm of the 1920s with Lana Del Rey‘s latest contribution to the captivating soundtrack of Todd A. Kessler’s The New Look. Keeping in line with the retro vibe of the series, Del Rey’s rendition of Irving Berlin’s classic “Blue Skies” takes listeners on a journey back in time.

Joined by musical maestro Jack Antonoff, whose recent Grammy win cements his status as a powerhouse producer, Del Rey serenades listeners with her ethereal vocals, adding a hauntingly beautiful twist to this beloved 1920s gem.

But that’s not all! Del Rey’s collaboration with Antonoff extends beyond the silver screen. As they gear up to unleash the soulful essence of country music with their upcoming album, “Lasso,” the duo embarks on a musical journey traversing Muscle Shoals, Nashville, and the heart of Mississippi.

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So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of nostalgia and innovation, look no further than Lana Del Rey’s mesmerizing rendition of “Blue Skies.” Stream now and let the echoes of the past guide you into the embrace of timeless tunes.

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