Interview: Klaus Schulze (solo, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream) -2010

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HIT CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: November 2010. We had the great honour to talk to electronic music pioneer, Klaus Schulze. There is no doubt that Klaus Schulze is one of the greatest living musicians. He started his career as a drummer in experimental ‘70s German “kraut rock” bands, Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream. His solo career is outstanding and during the last years, he collaborated with Lisa Gerrard. This is his first ever interview in a Greek media and I feel extremely privileged for this. Read below the very interesting things he told us:


The live album “Big in Japan” is released this period. What memories do you have the two concerts in March in Tokyo?

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I was very tired from the long flight, and the Japanese people were very kind and friendly, and it was a very good organisation.


You’re always busy. Which are the current projects you’re involved in?

I’m not “always busy”. At the moment there are no plans.


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You are a pioneer of electronic music. Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted to do when you started or some elements you discovered them on the way, all these years?

I had a foggy vision of unknown thoughts and it developed slow but surely.


You have done some great works with Lisa Gerrard. How important is her voice to express your music to listeners? I guess a great singer gives to a songwriter many alternative ways to try things…

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I’m not a “songwriter” and therefore I cannot answer this. Yes, Lisa is a very friendly and very charming person and it was a joy – and it was easy- to work with her. If it would not be, we would not have made our joint records and concerts.


Do you like today the music of the Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel  albums you have played in?

This is so long ago, it’s music history. I always like the work that I have done. Otherwise I would not have done it.


Do you have good memories from Go supergroup with Winwood, Di Meola and Yamashta?

Yes, good memories. Winwood was very “reserved”, we saw him rarely. DiMeola was like an “American college boy” and he played VERY fast his electric guitar. Yamashta, Shrieve, and Rosko Gee became friends of mine. Michael Shrieve even visited me two times in Germany.


Maybe you’re the first rock and electronic musician who made his love for Richard Wagner so clear. When you realized the passion you have with Wagner and how it started? Wagner is very misunderstood composer and person by many people…

Many people just don’t care for ANY serious classical music. Some of those few who love the “classics”, like Wagner, and some don’t like Wagner. This is normal. Please do not put too much in my “love” for the music of Wagner. I also like Mahler, and Mozart, and Bach, and J.J. Cale, and many other music.


What is the most important thing you learned after so many years in music?

As all people, I learn during my whole life. This is and there is nothing outstanding. Sorry, for no “sensational” answer.


Send a message to your Greek fans.

I never got one fan letter or other reaction from Greece, there never was an album from me released in Greece. And of course there was no concert in Greece, by me. You are the very first contact and I do my music already for forty years. Hello!


A huge “THANK YOU” to Mr Klaus Schulze for his answers and to Klaus D. Mueller who made this interview happen.

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