KISS OF LIFE’s Belle Mesmerizes with Heartfelt Cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Almost Is Never Enough’

A Soulful Rendition on KBS Cool FM Showcases Belle's Vocal Brilliance and K-pop Journey

In a soulful rendition, KISS OF LIFE’s Belle recently captivated audiences with her cover of Ariana Grande’s 2013 ballad alongside Nathan Sykes, ‘Almost Is Never Enough.’

Taking center stage on the South Korean airwaves at KBS Cool FM on Friday (November 24), Belle delivered a heartfelt live performance of the Ariana Grande classic. The K-pop idol showcased her vocal prowess with a faithful rendition of the ballad’s emotive lyrics.

“Almost, almost is never enough / So close to being in love / If I would have known that you wanted me / The way I wanted you,” she sang, pouring emotion into each note of the cover.

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Belle, renowned for co-writing LE SSERAFIM’s hit single ‘Unforgiven,’ transitioned into the K-pop scene earlier this year as a member of KISS OF LIFE. The girl group made a memorable debut with their self-titled mini-album in July 2023, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop landscape. As Belle continues to showcase her versatile talents, her rendition of ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ stands as a testament to the group’s musical depth and individual artistry. Stay tuned as KISS OF LIFE continues to make waves in the dynamic world of K-pop.

Listen the cover down below:

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