IDLES Teams Up with Chris Martin to Revamp Visuals for ‘Grace’ Music Video

Blending Eras and Technology to Reinvent Visual Storytelling

The British band Idles has enlisted Chris Martin – both the one of today and the one from 24 years ago – to lend a hand in putting together the video for their new song, Grace.

The clip is essentially the same as the one Coldplay released back in 2000 for Yellow, with Martin walking along a sad and deserted beach in the rain. Except, in the Grace clip, Martin is singing Idles’ song: a feat achieved with a bit of deepfake technology.

The idea for the video came to Idles’ frontman Joe Talbot in a dream, and the band not only got Martin’s approval but also his help in turning the project into reality. Martin took the time to train the artificial intelligence and ensure that his lip-syncing performance in the video was as real as possible.

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(Idles is not the first act to pay tribute to the Yellow video: a couple of years ago, Tegan and Sara recreated that famous beach walk for their song titled Yellow.)

The new album by the English band will be released on Friday, February 16th.

Idles will release their new album, Tangk, on Friday.

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