Farina and El Alfa Join Forces in Dembow Anthem “Dora”

A Vibrant Fusion of Beats and Energy!

Get ready to groove to the beats of the latest dembow sensation! Colombian rap queen Farina has teamed up with one of the Dominican Republic’s finest, El Alfa, for their electrifying collaboration, “Dora“. This dynamic duo brings the heat in their new single, igniting dance floors and airwaves alike.

Before its official release, Farina gave fans a taste of what’s to come with a sneak peek on social media, amassing over two million views. And now that “Dora” is out, it’s crystal clear – the hype was real! The song effortlessly blends Farina’s clever lyrics with El Alfa’s signature flair, creating a track that’s bound to be a summer anthem.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! The music video, shot in vibrant Miami, transforms a mundane laundromat into a pulsating party paradise. With surprises at every turn, from lively aquarium fish to mesmerizing bubbles, and dance moves courtesy of Pioladitingancia, the visual spectacle of “Dora” enhances its irresistible charm.

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So crank up the volume, hit play, and let Farina and El Alfa take you on a thrilling dembow journey with “Dora”!

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