Dua Lipa Announces New Album Radical Optimism

The Future Nostalgia follow-up, arrives May 3

Excitement levels are skyrocketing as Dua Lipa, fresh off her electrifying Grammy performance, just dropped the bombshell announcement of her upcoming album, “Radical Optimism“, slated for release on May 3rd!

Unveiling the album cover on Instagram, Dua’s latest creation features a captivating shot by Tyrone Lebon, with Dua fearlessly swimming amidst the waves, locking eyes with a distant shark’s fin. Intrigued yet? Hold tight, because that’s just the beginning!

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And oh, the tracklist! Brace yourselves for a musical journey filled with titles like “End Of An Era,” “French Exit,” “Watcha Doing,” and “Illusion,” among others. Plus, don’t forget to jam to her previously-released hits “Houdini” and “Training Season” – both making a triumphant return in this album. What’s more? No features announced yet – it’s all about Dua’s raw talent taking center stage!

Reflecting on her inspiration for “Radical Optimism“, Dua shared, “A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to the term. It’s a concept that resonated with me deeply… the idea of gracefully navigating chaos and feeling empowered to weather any storm.” Drawing from the rich tapestry of music history, from psychedelia to Britpop, Dua poured her heart and soul into each recording session, infusing the album with an unmistakable sense of confident optimism.

With her Grammy performances and cinematic ventures, Dua Lipa continues to solidify her status as a global icon. And let’s not forget her bold move of reclaiming her publishing catalog – talk about empowerment! Now, as the countdown to “Radical Optimism” begins, fans worldwide can hardly contain their anticipation for what promises to be a musical masterpiece.

Radical Optimism:

01 End of an Era
02 Houdini
03 Training Season
04 These Walls
05 Whatcha Doing
06 French Exit
07 Illusion
08 Falling Forever
09 Anything for Love
10 Maria
11 Happy for You

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