Discontent Among Beyoncé Fans as ‘Cowboy Carter’ Tracks Omitted from Physical Releases

'Ya Ya', 'Spaghettii' and 'Linda Martell' missing from physical copies of Queen Bee's latest LP

In the midst of celebrating Beyoncé‘s latest masterpiece, Cowboy Carter, a wave of discontent is sweeping through the fanbase as discrepancies arise between the digital and physical versions of the album.

Devoted fans who eagerly preordered physical copies of Cowboy Carter are taking to social media platforms and forums to voice their disappointment. It seems that the vinyl editions are notably lacking five essential tracks present in the digital version: Ya Ya, Spaghettii, The Linda Martell Show, Oh Louisiana, and Flamenco.

Even the CD preorders aren’t spared from the confusion. While Flamenco is included, the absence of the first four songs has left many scratching their heads. Adding fuel to the fire is the “limited edition” compact disc’s promise of an “additional song,” which fans had hoped would be an exclusive bonus track. Instead, it turns out that the “additional song” is none other than Flamenco itself, a déjà vu for those who’ve already experienced the digital version.

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Speculation runs rampant, with the BBC suggesting that the delayed vinyl production may have led to last-minute alterations to the tracklist. Even the album’s title, Cowboy Carter, seems to be shrouded in mystery, as physical copies bear the name act ii: Beyoncé, leaving fans puzzled by the discrepancy.

As frustrations mount, many fans are seeking recourse, with numerous requests for refunds flooding social media channels. Despite the outcry, Beyoncé’s official webstore remains tight-lipped, offering no tracklist for the vinyl or CD editions prior to their release. And while physical copies lack a printed tracklist, they do include a QR code redirecting listeners to the album’s digital credits and notes.

In the midst of this tumult, fans await clarity and resolution, hoping for a harmonious conclusion to this chapter of Beyoncé’s musical journey.

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