Dave Grohl wrote a song for Josh Homme: video

A Heartfelt Song of Friendship and Appreciation

Dave Grohl played a new song he wrote about Josh Homme. It happened during a charity show on March 20th.

The evening was called Josh Homme & Friends, an event organized in LA in support of the Sweet Stuff Foundation. Among the guests were Beck, St. Vincent, and The Kills.
“When Josh asked me to play tonight, I said, ‘Certainly,'” Grohl tells the audience. “And then I spent a couple of days trying to figure out, ‘What the hell am I going to play?'”

“At first, I thought: I’ll do a damn Doja Cat song. And I spent days trying to learn the one that says ‘Bitch, I said what I said’ (the song referred to is Paint The Town Red).

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“But there are so many verses in that song.” He continues: “So I did something that maybe is considered really, really uncool,” he said. “But I wrote a song that is really genuine and serious about my friend Josh.”

“We’re all here for this great reason, but I don’t know if we’d all be here if it wasn’t for that guy. And when that guy calls you and says, ‘Hey, I’m doing something’… he’ll kick your ass if you don’t do it.”

Grohl added: “So I thought, ‘I’ll write a song about him and embarrass him in front of all his friends’… singing really how much I love you. And I never even said it out loud.”

In the first verse, Grohl sings: “Whatever you need, I have it all for you, my friend.” Enough to melt even the hardest heart. At the end of the show, Homme came on stage to hug Grohl.

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