Coldplay Debuts New Song ‘All My Love’ Live in Athens

Chris Martin Reveals Romantic Ballad During Music of the Spheres Tour, Ahead of Official Release

“We have a new song; in theory, you shouldn’t hear it until September, but it’s okay, I’ll play it for you now, just this once. It would be best if you didn’t record the moment and upload it to the internet, although I know it’s a difficult ask. Let’s say this is a private rehearsal between us and you. Anyway, it’s called ‘All My Love,’ and it’s about how we feel towards you.”

During Coldplay‘s concert in Athens on June 9, part of the Music of the Spheres Tour, frontman Chris Martin addressed the audience with these words, announcing the premiere of a new song. According to Martin, the song is expected to be officially released at the end of the summer and is, at least in the version presented in Athens, a romantic ballad in pure Coldplay style.

Martin performed the song solo on the piano after the entire band had just delivered their latest single, ‘Biutyful.’ The theme of the song? Romantic relationships and how they endure through time, periods of stability, and even small storms.

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Here are some of the lyrics: “We’ve been through lows, been through sunshine, been through the storm / All the colors of the weather / we’ve been through high, every corner of the sky. Still we hold it all together. You’ve got all my love.”

Naturally, some fans couldn’t resist and captured (and uploaded online) the entire performance. Watch the video below:

The surprise of All My Love comes just a few days after another announcement, this time shared on the group’s social channels: the teaser for another single, First Time.

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