Chilean Court Upholds Roger Waters’ Concerts Amid Antisemitism Controversy

Legal Victory for Former Pink Floyd Bassist as Artists Defend Freedom of Expression in the Face of Criticism

The Chilean Court of Appeals has decided to permit Roger Waters‘ upcoming concerts in the country, dismissing attempts to block the performances over allegations of antisemitism.

The Representative Committee of Jewish Entities in Chile had sought to halt the shows, citing Waters’ alleged “history of incitement to antisemitic hatred“. Despite these claims, as the Cooperativa reports, the court ruled that there were no presented facts constituting a violation of constitutional guarantees.

Waters, the former Pink Floyd bassist, has consistently denied being antisemitic and is scheduled to perform at the Estadio Monumental in Santiago on November 25 and 26 as part of his This Is Not A Drill Tour.

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Responding to the effort to prevent the concerts, a coalition of over 60 Chilean artists wrote a letter to the Court of Appeals, urging them to allow the shows to proceed. In the letter, they argued that the attempt to block the concerts aimed to preemptively censor criticism of actions such as the killing of children, bombings of refugee camps and hospitals, and other alleged crimes committed by the government led by the far-right Benjamin Netanyahu.

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