Brian Eno’s New Music Video: ‘All I Remember’

Exploring Inspiration and Persistence in Creative Work

Brian Eno shared a music video for a brand new song, “All I Remember“.

The song is derived from “Eno“, a soundtrack spanning the career of the eponymous documentary by Gary Hustwit in 2024 and will be released via UMR on April 19th. The documentary premieres at the Barbican Cinema on April 20th.

All I Remember“, the latest track from “Eno,” was written specifically for the new documentary and sees Eno referencing early influences such as Ketty Lester, Dee Clark, and Bobby Vee, while the accompanying music video, directed by Anamorph, follows Eno through past and present.

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Picaso once said, ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working‘,” says Eno. “I don’t wait to be inspired: I start working and (if I’m lucky) become ‘inspired.’ And if I’m not lucky, I keep working until my luck changes. I’m stubborn and sure that I’ll get somewhere in the end, if I keep at it.”

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